How to Spiralize a Hot Dog + 4 New Ways to Top It

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You've definitely been cooking hot dogs all wrong! Watch the video above to learn how to "spiralize" a hot dog to maximize smoky flavor, then try out some of Grant's new "twists" on the classic dog.

No. 1: BBQ Slaw Dogs

Rachael Ray Show

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by all the options at a summertime BBQ? This dog doesn't ask you to choose! Slathered in BBQ sauce and topped with slaw and pickles, it will leave you with a whole BBQ in one bite.

No. 2: NY Bagel Dog

Rachael Ray Show

This hot dog probably isn't on the menu at your neighborhood deli, but we really think it should be! Red onions, tomato, cream cheese, scallions and a little bit of that everything seasoning will have this dog competing with the best of the best New York style bagels.

No. 3: Pimento Cheese Hot Dog

Rachael Ray Show

There is nothing in this world that isn't better with pimento cheese on it. 

No. 4: "Cheeseburger" Hot Dogs

Rachael Ray Show

Never underestimate the artful simplicity of the classic cheeseburger toppings.



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