3 Ways to Make Eggs (Including the Ultimate Tip for Scrambled!)

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In the words of our favorite French chef, Jacques Pepin, the mark of a chef is mastering eggs.

Not quite there yet? Well, you’re in luck! To celebrate the release of his new cookbook, “Milk Street,” Christopher Kimball came by and taught us three ways to make eggs — fried, scrambled and omelet-style.

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And let us tell you: Every dish is more delicious than the last!

Get all of Chris’ recipes, straight from his new cookbook, below. And remember, if you’re feeling less than confident, even our guest cohost Nate Berkus, who spends ZERO time in the kitchen (unless he’s decorating, of course!), rocked these three. You got this!

1. Sunny-Side Up Fried Eggs

Get your pan tops out! And your full recipe here.

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2. Fluffy Olive Oil Scrambled Eggs

It really is all in the olive oil! Get the full recipe here.

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3. Baked Persian Herb Omelet

You’re going to want your blender for this one. Get the recipe!

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