9 Brilliant Tips to Make Your Next Move Less Miserable


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The Best Way To Pack Your Liquids Aired August 12, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

Moving to a new home can be stressful, expensive and messy. Organizing pro Peter Walsh is here to share nine tips that will make it easier for you and your family!

No. 1: Make an “Essentials” Kit

When you move, you will most likely be cleaning at the old place AND the new place. To make sure you have everything you need, Peter recommends making an “essentials” kit. Just pack a see-through plastic bin with items you will need right away like toilet paper, trash bags and cleaning supplies so that you’re prepared when you get to your new home.

No. 2: Pack Your Liquids So They Don’t Spill

If you don’t want to find a messy spill in your moving van, you need to leakproof your liquids! Peter shares the easiest and cheapest way to do that. Simply take the lids off your bottles, put a bit of plastic wrap over the spout, then screw the lid back on. You bottle is now leakproof!

No. 3: The Best Way to Pack Your Dishes

Peter recommends trying a different technique for boxing up your dishes. Instead of stacking them horizontally on top of each other, he suggests wrapping them, and then putting them in the box in a vertical line (like you would put books on a shelf). He says that this will lessen the likelihood of breakage.

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No. 4: A Clever Way to Pack Knives

If you don’t want your knives to get damaged, or anyone to be cut, Peter recommends transporting your knives in your oven mitts. Brilliant!

No. 5: Make a Map of Your House to Help the Movers

To make your move-in as efficient as possible, put a map of your new home by the front door that shows where all the rooms in the house are. That way, the movers can brings things directly where they go, without pausing to ask where various rooms are.

No. 6: Use the “Magic Triangle” Concept to Organize Your Kitchen

Peter calls the area between the stove, sink and fridge the “magic triangle.” He says that only items you use all the time should be stored in this area. Items you only use occasionally can be stored further away.

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No. 7: Use Photos to Organize Your Shoe Collection

Peter suggests keeping your shoes in the boxes they came in and affixing photos of the shoes to the end of the box. Then, store shoes you wear regularly close to the floor, and shoes you don’t wear often on a higher shelf. Face the photo-end of the box out, so that you can easily grab the shoes you need!

No. 8: Stack Baskets on their side for Storage

If you’re looking for storage but don’t want to shell out for a big piece of furniture, or just don’t have the space, Peter reveals that you can take rectangular baskets or boxes and stack them on their side. You can even hang them from the wall. Done!

No. 9: Use Shoe Hangers in Closets and Cupboards to Maximize Storage

Peter proves that vertical shoe hangers aren’t only for shoes! He demonstrates how to cut a plastic shoe hanger to fit whatever cupboard or closet you put it in, and then use it to organize. For example, you could use a vertical hanger in your bathroom cupboard for bottles of beauty products, like hairspray, moisturizer, etc.

What do you hate about moving? Tell us in the comments and watch the videos above to see Peter's tips in action!

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