4 New Smart Gadgets That a Lifestyle & Tech Expert Says Will Actually Upgrade Your Life

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When lifestyle and tech expert Chi-Lan Lieu stops by our show, she doesn't come empty-handed!

The pro is always equipped with at least a few cool new gadgets that she's excited to share.

And while her picks are always both fun and super helpful (hello, laundry-folding robot!) Chi-Lan says that these four pieces of tech are not only cool, but will "upgrade your life."

Gadget #1: Ember

Ember mug

"This is the world's first temperature-control mug," according to Chi-Lan. "As soon as this senses that liquid has been poured into it, it goes to work."

The mug is designed to be used with an app to set your preferred temperature, so it can keep your coffee or tea warmed to that temperature for approximately one hour, she tells us.

"But here's the kicker — when you put it on the base [the charging coaster], it keeps it at that temperature, set for an entire day," Chi-Lan claims.

Gadget #2: Opté


"This is a brand new piece of technology. It's so new that we only have a prototype, because it's not out until later this year in 2019," according to Chi-Lan.

The device is designed to use a safe, blue LED light to digitally scan your skin in real-time using a patented skincare algorithm. Then, serum is applied to each spot, camouflaging it and fading its appearance over time, according to Chi-Lan.

"[The wand will] read for those age spots, dark spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation," Chi-Lan claims.

"It's not actually makeup that will cover your entire face," the tech expert says. "It only covers what's necessary."

(Of course, if you are concerned about a dark spot on your skin or one that has appeared suddenly, check with your dermatologist.)

Gadget #3: Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light

Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light

"This helps you wake up in the morning by simulating a sunrise," according to Chi-Lan.

The light is designed to gradually increase before your wake time from red, through orange, and eventually filling your room with bright yellow light when it's time for you to wake up.

"That will prepare your body to naturally wake up," Chi-Lan claims.

And when it comes time to wind down at night, the "RelaxBreathe" feature is designed to lead you through guided breathing exercises.

"It also does a sunset effect to get your body ready to sleep," according to Chi-Lan.

Gadget #4: August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

"I have the solution for all of us that always forget whether or not we've locked our doors," Chi-Lan claims.

"This actually works with your deadbolt that you already have installed in your door," according to Chi-Lan.

The Smart Lock is designed to be installed on the inside of your door, and works in combination with an app.

"Once your phone leaves the vicinity [of your door], it automatically locks by itself," Chi-Lan claims.

This is the Auto-Lock feature, and the Auto-Unlock feature claims to work the same way, unlocking your door as you approach — so you won't have to fumble with your keys when your hands are full.

The sensor is also designed to work with the app from afar, so you can check whether you've securely closed and locked your door, as well as remotely lock and unlock it, according to Chi-Lan.

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