Can Temperature *Shock* Really Help With Stress?

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You know the total shock you feel when you step or jump into a pool?

Well, Max Lugavere, host of "The Genius Life" podcast and author of Genius Foods, dunked himself in a very chilly pool...on camera! But why?!

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"Cold water immersion, cryotherapy, cold showers and things like that can all boost levels of a neurotransmitter in the brain called norepinephrine," Max says, "which is sort of like a chemical messenger involved in focus and attention."

According to him, the shock is a great way to increase resilience, mental clarity and focus, boost metabolic health — and help cope with stress.

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"By subjecting our bodies to a physical stressor like really cold water or sitting in a sauna or a vigorous bout of exercise," Max explains, "the thinking there is that it's going to have a spillover effect and help our bodies better cope with psychological stress."

With that said, Max calls the cold water a physical stressor, advising that if you're doing it for the first time, you should definitely clear it with a doctor first.

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