Does One Pound of Broccoli Sprouts Have The Same Anti-Cancer Potential As 100 Pounds of Broccoli?

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We've heard of alfalfa sprouts, but broccoli sprouts?!

Author of Genius Foods and podcaster, Max Lugavere, stopped by to show Rach how to grow them — and he touted their health benefits.  

"This is one of the most powerful foods that you can eat for better health," Max explains.

So, how do you grow 'em? (Spoiler alert: pretty easily!)

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Max says to combine broccoli seeds and water in a jar and allow 12 hours to activate seeds. Then, he continues, you can dump out the water because the seeds have been activated. For the next three days, you fill the jar with water and dump it out twice a day, and then, you should have broccoli sprouts!

"It's like a chia pet!" Rach jokes.

But what exactly is so powerful about these sprouts?

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli have very strong anti-cancer potential, Max tells us.

"One pound of broccoli sprouts is the equivalent of 100 pounds of broccoli in terms of their anti-cancer potential," he says.


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