Emergency Car Kit: 8 Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

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Accidents happen, and while you can't always prepare for the worst — you can certainly try your best! 

Former NYPD officer and author of Prepared Not Scared: Your Go-To Guide for Staying Safe In An Unsafe World, Bill Stanton, brought his very own car kit into our studio — and he's sharing the eight items you should keep in your car at all times.

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1. Fire Extinguisher

2. Reflective Vest

If you get in an accident at night, putting on a reflective vest can prevent another accident from occurring while you wait for help to arrive. "This is a very cheap item, it's the best," Bill says. "It highlights who you are, where you are, by all means you should get it." 

3. Portable Battery Jumper

"This is a self-contained battery so you don't have to wave down another car. This does the job for you," Bill says.

4. First Aid Kit

5. Blanket or Warm Jacket

If it's cold and you car dies, you don't know how long you could be sitting there without heat.

6. Emergency Flashlight

A multi-platform flashlight that strobes and does high beams is ideal, Bill points out.

7. Window Punch

If you're in an accident and you can't get out (or if someone else is trapped inside and you can't get in), you can use a window punch. Keep it in your car door so you can reach it if you ever need to.

8. Seatbelt Cutter

Similarly, a seatbelt cutter can come in handy in the event of an accident that leaves you or someone else trapped. You can also use the other end to break window glass, Bill points out. Again, just make sure the seatbelt cutter easily accessible at all times.

"These are things I have right by my side," Bill says. "You don't get into an accident at the most opportune time."

"I would also put a little snack in there," Rach adds, "in case you're in the car a while." She's not wrong!

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