How Do I Keep My Kids Busy While Traveling? Moms Daphne Oz + Hilaria Baldwin Give Their Best Advice

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Traveling with kids can be challenging. A viewer named Dawn and her husband travel extensively with their 9-year-old son, who is an only child, so she wants to know how to keep him occupied in the car during long road trips.

"Mom Brain" podcast co-hosts Daphne Oz and Hilaria Baldwin have seven children between them, so we turned to them for help.

Q: My husband and I travel a lot, but we have not mastered the art of traveling with our son. What are your tips on traveling with children?

- Dawn, viewer

A: “The most important thing is keeping them occupied,” says mom and author Hilaria Baldwin. Hilaria keeps a number of different kid-friendly activities on hand because she knows children often change their minds. A phonics book and a notebook and pencil encourage learning and creativity. If you are going to have them color, make sure you use super washable markers.

While travel can be exhausting, try not to check out. “Do something with them,” Hilaria says. In her case, she brings chapter books to read with her daughter.

For mom and nutrition expert Daphne Oz, it’s all about food. “I snack the heck out of the plane,” says Daphne. “We have tons of snacks.”

“I will wrap old toys of theirs just so they have the fun of unboxing. I always include one new thing, like a tiny doll or tiny pots of Play-Doh,” Daphne adds.

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