How To Dispose Of Cooking Oil At Home, According To Rach

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If you dread making fried food because you don't know how to deal with disposing of the cooking oil afterward, listen up! This is an important question, according to Rach, but luckily the answer is pretty straightforward.

How To Dispose of Cooking Oil

"Basically, you put it in a disposable container and seal it completely and then you dispose of it," Rachael says. 

Do not put used frying oil down the drain!

"You never want to put it down your pipes or onto the ground. It's very bad for your property, for the earth and for your pipes," Rach explains.

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When You Can Reuse Cooking Oil

"You can use oil more than once, if it's not dirty. If there's nothing burning in it and nothing has fallen to the bottom and made the oil bitter, you can reuse the oil," according to Rach. In that case, you still put it in a container, but then you save it for future use instead of tossing it in the trash.

If the oil is dirty, meaning it has debris in it, you should discard it, Rach says. Again, be sure to put it in a disposable, completely closed container before disposing of it. And that's it!

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