How To Keep Lasagna From Being Watery, According To Rachael

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It's no secret that Rach has perfected the art of lasagna over the years.

Meat, Spinach and Sausage Lasagna? Check!
Mexican-Style Lasagna? Yup!
White Bolognese Lasagna? You bet!

And not a single one has been watery. ?

So, naturally, when a studio audience member asked Rach how to prevent lasagna from getting all soupy, Rach was READY.

Her main tip? Use no-cook, flat-sheet pasta. "Don't pre-cook the pasta," she says. "Use the no-boil sheets. It'll be a little tighter." 

(So, essentially, we get to skip a super tedious step?! We're okay with that!)

She also suggests raising your oven temperature a bit and using a thickening agent in your sauce. So either add more meat OR more tomato paste, if your lasagna is meatless. (And no, foregoing that first layer of sauce at the bottom isn't necessary.)

Now, once you've made the perfect lasagna, you obviously don't want to ruin it in transit if you're bringing it to a party — so Rach has a solution for that, too.

Her expandable lasagna lugger! "It keeps hot food hot or cold food cold," Rach explains. Score!

Rach gave one to everyone in our studio audience — watch in the video above!

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