How To Motivate Yourself To Work Out At Home | "Biggest Loser" Trainer Bob Harper

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Throughout the pandemic, our friend, personal trainer and "Biggest Loser" host Bob Harper, has stayed committed to getting in creative and fun workouts during quarantine. Of course, not all of us are as great at self-motivating as Bob! One viewer named Marty summed it up for us when she asked Bob for advice on finding the energy and motivation for at-home workouts.

"I've been at home [during] Covid not doing anything and my motivation is gone, absolutely gone. I'm tired, and I'm not doing anything!" Marty says. Her husband even bought her a treadmill, and she says the few times she's used it she feels great — but she's struggling to make herself use it on a regular basis. So, what does Bob recommend?

1. Hold yourself accountable with videos or photos

"You've got to have accountability first. You've got to know, 'If I do whatever this workout is, if I get on the treadmill, I know I'm going to feel better,'" Bob says. He suggests taking a video after your workout to remind yourself how good you feel, or posting workout photos to social media — if only to keep yourself in check.

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2. Designate a favorite TV show as one that you can only watch while working out

Another idea? "Try finding a TV show that you can watch and you only watch it when you're on the treadmill."

3. If all else fails, sell your workout equipment and buy some you'll actually use

As a last resort, if you've really tried and you just do not like the treadmill, Bob tells Marty, try selling it and using the money to purchase workout equipment you'll actually use. "But really exhaust all your options and just know that you will feel better, I promise you," Bob says. 

4. Find a reason to smile when you're working out, because endorphins make you happy!

"We all are sitting around more, which can make you tired. That's what's making you tired. You've got to get yourself up and go, 'I want to sweat a little bit and get something that's going to put a smile on my face,'" he adds. "Find a reason to smile when you're working out, because that will affect your brain, give you those endorphins and make you feel better."

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