Sitcom "Happy Together" Starring Damon Wayans, Jr. Was Inspired by One Direction's Harry Styles

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Whether you have kids who are fans or you're a fan yourself (? ), everyone has heard of One Direction.

But did you know that the new CBS sitcom "Happy Together" is loosely inspired by one of the members' lives?!

"Basically, [Harry Styles] moved in with this guy, Ben Winston, who created the show," "Happy Together" star Damon Wayans, Jr. tells us. "[It] was supposed to only be for like two weeks, but he wound up staying two years."

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Yup, Harry was apparently being chased by paparazzi so much that he decided to hide out in his buddy's attic.

"This was at the peak of One Direction fame," Damon says, "so he was selling out Wimbledon and then would fly back home and stay in this little attic."

"It's bizarre," he continues, "but it's actually what drew me to the show."

We have to admit, it's fascinating  — and because it's so fascinating, "Happy Together" was born.

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The sitcom is about an international pop star moving in with a 30-something married couple and turning their lives upside-down — and Damon plays the pop star's accountant.

Sold yet?!

Now, which big star would Damon welcome into his home with open arms for TWO years?

"Probably Tom Hanks," Damon tells Rach, "because he's so nice and I'd keep asking him to do 'Forrest Gump' impressions."

Doesn't sound like a bad deal …

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