The Best Christmas Gifts For Pets & Pet Owners | Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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We're rolling out more picks on our list of gift ideas for the 2020 holiday season. Next up, 43 of the best gifts for pets and pet owners!

Your dog or cat is a member of the family, after all, and we know you'll take any opportunity to spoil your furry loved ones. We've got ideas ranging from stocking stuffers, like yummy treats and festive toys, to bigger gifts that will last — like cozy pet beds. Plus, finds that will make life easier for you as a pet owner — including a placemat with raised edges for less mess at meal times, and a hidden litter box that looks like a potted plant.

Read on for all the picks from our editors, show staff — and some of Rachael's favorites for her pup, Bella Boo Blue!


1. "Candy Cane" Chicken Chew Treats

"They're little chicken rawhide chewies that are wrapped. They look like candy canes. She loves those," Rach says.

Editor's Pick: Good 'n' Fun Triple Flavor Kabob Dog Chews 

rawhide treats

2. Deadpool Unicorn Plush & Rope Dog Toy

Bella "loves [this] unicorn squeaky toy with Deadpool on the back. It's her favorite," Rach says.

$6.50, (Buy online and pick up in store or select "same day delivery")

Deadpool dog toy

3. Fleece Jacket

"She loves her fleece. A fleecy jacket — one that doesn't itch or make too much noise. She likes a cozy, soft fleecy jackie," Rach says.

Editor's Pick: Kuoser Fleece-Lined Reversible Dog Coat
Starting at $17.99 for XS (other sizes available),

Fleece Jackets for Dogs

4. Cozy Blanket

"She really just likes cuddling and being cozy, so a warm blanket," Rach says in answer to a viewer question about what she's planning to get Bella Boo Blue for Christmas.

Editor's Pick: Waterproof Throw Blanket For Dogs

This waterproof, machine-washable blanket comes in nine stylish colors and patterns, with two sizes to choose from: original and king. Made from plush faux fur on one side and soft microsuede on the other, this throw will fit in with your home decor while protecting furniture from pet hair, dirt and scratching damage.


PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket - White

5. Octopus Dog Toy

Bella Boo Blue (BBB) loves any toy that has a rope on the end to pull and a squeaker. This one that looks like an octopus and has pulls on the end is one of her faves.


Octopus Dog Toy

6. Rosé Happy Hour Crusherz Dog Toy

Rach and BBB are both big fans of these happy hour-themed toys. (Shoutout to our producer, Brittany, who gifted them!) You place a regular plastic water bottle inside the toy, and when your dog crushes it down, you just put in a new one.


Rose Happy Hour Crusherz Dog Toy

7. Nutrish Dog Treats

Nutrish dog treats are Bella Boo Blue's favorite — Rachael loves to put them in her stocking for stocking stuffers.

Starting at $2.99, and

Nutrish Dog Treats

8. Nutrish Real Beef & Barley Soup Bones 

These beef soup bones are a top-selling treat year 'round, and this holiday season, you can find exclusive festive designs on packaging at Target. And look out for a second special design on bones sold at Dollar General, Publix, Meijer, HEB, and Harris Teeter, among other retailers.

$2.99 for 6.3 oz bag,

Nutrish Beef Soup Bones Holiday Packaging
Rachael Ray Nutrish

9. Nutrish Real Chicken & Veggies Soup Bones

The chicken soup bones are top sellers as well.


Nutrish Chicken and Veggie Soup Bones

10. Nutrish Savory Roasters Chicken

These savory chicken dog treats are a top-selling treat year 'round, and this holiday season, you can find exclusive festive designs on packaging at Target. And look out for a second special design on bones sold at Dollar General, Publix, Meijer, HEB, and Harris Teeter, among other retailers.

$2.99 for 3 oz bag,

Nutrush Savory Roasters Chicken Holiday Packaging
Rachael Ray Nutrish

11. Nutrish Beef Burger Bites

The Beef Burger Bites are another bestselling treat from Nutrish. Your pup will love finding these in their stocking.

$2.99 for 3 oz bag,

Nutrish Beef Burger Bites

12. Nutrish Meatball Morsels

Last but certainly not least, these Meatball Morsels are—you guessed it—bestsellers. 

$3.22 for 3 oz bag,

Nutrish Meatball Morsels


13. Fluff Trough Feeder

Originally designed for small-to-medium-sized flat-faced dog breeds who typically struggle with feeding out of traditional bowls, this feeder also claims to work well for other small or medium dogs, cats, miniature pigs, senior pets and pets with mobility issues.


Fluff Trough Feeder
Fluff Trough

14. Machine Washable & Dryer Friendly Pet Bed 

A number one Amazon bestseller, this machine washable and dryer-friendly pet bed can be used on its own or placed inside your pet's crate for added comfort.

$29.99 for 42-inch (other sizes available),

Machine Washable & Dryer Friendly Pet Bed

15. Calming Shag Donut Cuddler Pet Bed + Throw Blanket

Another number one Amazon bestseller in the pet bed category, the donut shape and faux-fur shag fabric of this self-warming bed and blanket help provide a calming space where your pet can curl up and relax.

$71.95 for medium bed and blanket (other sizes available),

Calming Shag Donut Cuddler Pet Bed + Throw Blanket

16. Collapsible Pet Storage Bin

Tired of tripping on chew toys all the time? Always looking for your pet's favorite stuffed animal? These collapsible pet storage bins could be the solution. Store your pet's toys, leashes, treats or grooming supplies in one easy to find place and keep your home organized in the process. There are four sizes and 11 designs to choose from, so you'll probably want to order a few — especially with all the new toys you'll likely be purchasing from this list, too! 

Starting at $9.99,

Collapsible Pet Storage Bin

17. WiFi Indoor Camera Pet Monitor

This wireless pet monitoring camera is a great, affordable option for keeping an eye on your pet while you're away. With features like two-way audio (so your pet can hear your voice), motion detection and night vision, you can feel comfortable leaving your fur baby, whether you're at the office or going on vacation.


WiFi Indoor Camera Pet Monitor


18. Mallard Dog Toy

This duck toy is similar to one that Rach's late dog, Isaboo, loved to play with — and BBB has one now, too!


Mallard Chew Toy

19. Triangle Tug Toy

If your dog loves to play tug-of-war, he or she needs this tug that boasts two shapes and two textures — a natural rubber triangle and a natural cotton rope. Plus, it's BPA-free and tested to meet food-safe standards.


Wild One Triangle Tug Toys
Wild One

20. Woof Pet Placemat

With raised edges, rubber feet to prevent sliding and easy-to-clean, sturdy plastic, this placemat promises less mess at meal times, with a super cute speech bubble shape that reads, "Woof" to boot.


Woof Pet Placemat
Joss and Main

21. Rae Dunn Pet Bowls

Popular home goods designer Rae Dunn's distinctive lettering lends a fun touch of flair to this set of large food and water bowls for your pet.


Rae and Dunn Pet Bowls
Joss and Main

22. Rae Dunn Tin Canister

Can't get enough Rae Dunn? You can store your pup's treats or dry food in this adorable tin canister that reads, "Live, Love, Bark!"


Rae Dunn Tin Canister
TJ Maxx

23. Cutie with a Booty Pet ID Tag

This pet ID tag is shaped like a peach and reads, "cutie with a booty." Need we say more?


Cutie With A Booty Pet ID Tag
Two Tails Pet Company

24. Plush Dog Sofa

Your furry friend can snooze in style on this plush dog sofa (and you can stretch out on your own couch — a win-win!).


Plush Dog Sofa

25. Link Plus GPS Tracker and Pet Collar

There's a reason this pet collar was one of Oprah's Favorite Things in 2019! It has a GPS tracker with sound and light features that alerts you via text when your dog wanders away. It also tracks all of your dog's activity during the day.



Link Plus Collar

26. Latkes For Hanukkah Plush Dog Toys with Squeakers & Crinkle

This set of two plush Hanukkah-themed dog toys — a latke and applesauce, both with smiling faces — is something you might not have known existed. But now that you've seen it, you probably need it (for your dog, of course).

$6.99, (Buy online and pick up in store or select "same day delivery")

Latke Dog Toys

27. "Chewish" Hanukkah Plush Dog Toy

The same logic applies to this blue and gold plush dog toy, which is shaped like a bone and reads "Chewish." It's adorable, we know.

$9.99, (Buy online and pick up in store or select "same day delivery")

"Chewish" Hanukkah Plush Toy

28. Hide & Seek Plush Guacamole Dog Toy

For the dog owner who is always willing to pay extra for guac, this hide-and-seek guacamole dog toy is a must. The toy comes with a plush guacamole bowl that has three hiding spots and three cute plush toys―a lime, a chip and an avocado—to help prevent boredom and provide your pooch with mental stimulation.


Hide & Seek Plush Guacamole Dog Toy

29. Sheepy Wool-Filled Crate Pads

These comfy, durable crate pads are made of real sheep's wool inside, but the cotton cover can be removed and is machine washable — which is a huge plus.

$159 for 42" pad (other sizes available),

Sheepy Wool-Filled Crate Pads


30. Nutrish Soft Spots Soft & Savory Cat Treats

Don't worry, dogs don't get all the fun! Your kitty can enjoy Nutrish treats too, like these new salmon-flavored morsels. As an added bonus, the soft consistency means these treats are easy on your cat's teeth in addition to being delish.

$1.59 for 2.5 oz pouch,

Nutrish Soft Spots Savory Cat Treats

31. Wall Shelf Cat Bed

The 2020 winner of the Etsy Design Awards in the Pets category — handpicked by actress Drew Barrymore and Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson — this wall shelf cat bed has four different wood finish options and 11 color choices for the cushion. 

"For those like me who have multiple pets and live in an NYC apartment, saving space is always a top priority. I think our family's felines, Peach and Lucky, would love this fun and innovative design just as much as I do!" 
— Drew Barrymore, actress, TV host and 2020 Etsy Design Awards judge


cat on wall shelf bed

32. Cat Harness & Leash

"I got this for my cat, Lou, who hates having anything put over his head or neck. He actually doesn't seem to mind the harness, although we haven't gotten to the leash stage yet (fingers crossed!). I chose the emerald color and it is really pretty and vibrant. Be sure to measure your cat and choose the right size (either XS or S)."
— Jamie, Digital Editor

$14.98 for XS, $16.98 for S,

Cat Harness & Leash

33. Cat Dancer Rainbow Charmer Toy

We have yet to meet a cat who isn't charmed by this toy. It's a fun (and colorful) way for humans to engage with their pet during playtime. 


Cat Dancer Toy

34. Yeowww! Holiday Gift Bundle Catnip Toys

Yeowww! brand's potent catnip toys really work to drive kitties crazy. Luckily, you can buy this holiday gift bundle and keep your cat busy for a while.


Yeowww Holiday Gift Bundle Catnip Toys

35. Christmas Stocking Catnip Cat Toys

Yeowww! also makes holiday versions of their popular catnip toys. How cute are these, which look like little Christmas stockings?!

$12.93 for 3-pack,

Christmas Stocking Catnip Cat Toys

36. Gefilte Fish Cat Toy Teaser with Catnip

And for all the Jewish cats out there, this gefilte fish teaser toy is both adorable and makes for a timely Hanukkah gift.

$5.99, (Buy online and pick up in store or select "same day delivery")

Gefilte Cat Toy Teaser with Catnip

37. Avocado Toast Cat Toys

"I bought these adorable and inexpensive cat toys for my kitty. I like the avocado designs and he likes the crinkle sounds and the feather, so it's a win-win."
— Jamie, Digital Editor 


Avocado Toast Cat Toys

38. Bread Catnip Toys

Have you ever seen anything as cute as these catnip toys that come in the shape of different kinds of bread (baguette, croissant, pretzel, toast, bun, and cinnamon roll)? Because we certainly haven't.

$14.99 for 6-pack,

Bread Catnip Toys

39. Hidden Litter Box

Disguise your cat's bathroom with this discreet and stylish hidden litter box that looks just like a real clay potted plant. Your guests will hardly notice, and your cat will be none the wiser.


Hidden Litter Litter Box

40. Cat-Shaped Scratcher Bed

If there are two things every cat loves to do, it's sleep and scratch. This scratcher bed allows your kitty to do both, and it's even shaped like a cat's head. Purrfect!


Cat-Shaped Scratcher Bed

41. Cat Window Perch

"My cat sits on this for hours. He'll watch what's going on outside then curl up and fall asleep."
— Jamie, Digital Editor 

$44.95 for large (other sizes available),

Kitty Cot Cat Window Perch

42. Bouncy Mouse Cat Bungee Toy

Try hanging this bungee toy from a cat tree, tower or window perch. They'll enjoy swatting at it from below and watching it bounce back.


Bouncy Mouse Cat Bungee Toy

43. Skitter Critter Catnip Cat Toys

These are probably among your cat's favorite toys to chase, and they're also easily lost — so why not stock up and stuff their stockings with a few now (and a few for later)?

$1.97 for 3-pack,

Skitter Critter Catnip Toys

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Prices listed are subject to change by the retailer.

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