Which Type Of Salt Does Rachael Cook With The Most?

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Playing Cooking With Salt: Which Type Of Salt Does Rachael Use The Most? | Q & Ray + J

As is the case with onions, there are a lot of salt types to choose from when you're cooking — Kosher salt, flaky sea salt, pink Himalayan salt … the list goes on.

But also like onions, Rachael isn't too fussy or fancy about which kind of salt she uses. In fact, her go-to in the kitchen probably is yours, too.

Question: "I want to know the difference between salts and when to use each one — Kosher, flake, pink, etc."
– Monica, viewer via Facebook

Rachael's answer: "I use Kosher as my everyday salt and I use it with my hand. I never use finely granulated salt, really ever. I don't even have it in my house. I use flaky sea salt to finish steaks, chicken livers, paté, a variety of stuff. [For] steamed edamame, we use smoked and regular flaky salt as a finishing salt. But the general use in our home is just Kosher salt. Coarse salt I use for baking a fish in [or] if you were making your own bagels. I mean, you can go down a whole rabbit hole of what to do with your specialty salts, of which we have many, but the day to day, Kosher for cooking, flaky sea for finishing."

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