Jeff Mauro Turns Boring Thanksgiving Leftovers Into Stuffing Waffles!

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This might be a familiar problem: you make a delicious family-style meal with lots of leftovers, but no one wants to eat them the next day!

Our viewer Suzanne knows all about this. “I’ve been hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 30 years,” she says. But, poor Suzanne -- after all that hard work, her family won’t eat her leftovers! “They don’t like the taste of the food the next day,” she explains.

So we brought in some of the most ingenious chefs we know to take Suzanne’s signature dishes and make them into completely new meals!

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Jeff Mauro had just 10 minutes to create a new meal using Suzanne's Thanskgiving leftovers from her fridge! Get ready to have your mind blown with his leftovers upgrade. He made -- get ready for it -- stuffing waffles! Ermagerd! He topped them with grilled turkey slices, a fried egg and a savory-sweet sour cream and cranberry topping. Get the recipe here.

Watch the video above to see the master at work, and check out what creations Sunny Anderson made with her leftovers!

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