Man Who Lost Vision + Hearing Gets Heartwarming Surprise from Rach + John

Rach and John are giving the ultimate gift to Mitchel Shapiro, an inspiring Long Island native who suffers from Usher’s Syndrome.

Blind + Hearing-Impaired Man Who Gifts Hearing Aids Receives Surprise

Meet a Long Island man who has made it his mission to help others hear after losing his vision + hearing from a rare progressive disease.

This Company Turns Industrial Spaces Into Vertical Farms!

Take a tour of Bowery Farming, a NY-based network of indoor farms that brings fresh fruits and vegetables — grown without pesticides — to urban areas.

Denis Leary + Rach Honor International Firefighters’ Day with Special Challenge

In honor of International Firefighters’ Day, Rach + Denis Leary participate in a special challenge to see what it’s like to be a firefighter.

How a "Positivity Coach" Helped Makeup Artist Mally Roncal Improve Her Work-Life Balance

Our friend and makeup artist Mally Roncal enlists the help of “positivity coach” Lisa Bilyeu to help her with the stress of juggling work + family.

Rach + Emeril Join Forces to Honor All-Girls School Preparing the Next Generation of Chefs

Rach + Emeril helped raise funds for G.L.O.W, an all-girls public charter school in Wilmington, NC that prepares students for careers in the culinary field.

Inspiring Teen Who Cooked with Rach During 2500th Episode Is Making History with Her Own Show

Remember Gabby DiSalvo, the inspiring teen cook + disability advocate who cooked alongside Rach during her 2500th episode? She’s back + is making history!

Inspiring Sanctuary (With Cute Pig Named Ziggy) Takes In Unwanted Animals

Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary, named after a cute “teacup pig” named Ziggy, takes in rescued animals regardless of their status.

Owners of “Teacup Pig” Take In + Care For Unwanted Farm Animals at Sanctuary

An NC couple took action when they saw that “mini pigs” were being abandoned by their owners: they opened their own farm to care for unwanted animals.

Run-DMC's Darryl McDaniels Helps Foster Children After Finding Out He Was Adopted at Age 35

After finding out he was adopted at age 35, Run-DMC rapper Darryl McDaniels teamed up with fellow adoptee Sheila Jaffe to help foster children in need.

Inspiring Sisters Help Ukrainian Refugees Find Affordable NYC Housing | Ukrainian Habitat Fund

With their organization, the Ukrainian Habitat Fund, 2 sisters are helping Ukrainian refugees find affordable housing in New York.

Watch Emotional Reunion of NJ Man & “Angel” Uber Driver Who Saved His Life

New Jersey-native Bill Sumiel has an emotional reunion with Tim Letts, an Uber driver who agreed to donate his kidney after minutes of meeting.

“Miracle” Uber Driver Donates Kidney to New Jersey Passenger

When Bill Sumiel of NJ needed a new kidney, he found donor Tim Letts in the unlikeliest of places: an Uber ride. We reunited them virtually, for a surprise.

Ayesha + Stephen Curry Are Determined to Get Kids Reading — And This Is How!

With their Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation, Ayesha + Stephen Curry have constructed 150 Little Town Libraries all over the Oakland area to get kids reading.