Inspiring Sisters Help Ukrainian Refugees Find Affordable NYC Housing | Ukrainian Habitat Fund

With their organization, the Ukrainian Habitat Fund, 2 sisters are helping Ukrainian refugees find affordable housing in New York.

Watch Emotional Reunion of NJ Man & “Angel” Uber Driver Who Saved His Life

New Jersey-native Bill Sumiel has an emotional reunion with Tim Letts, an Uber driver who agreed to donate his kidney after minutes of meeting.

“Miracle” Uber Driver Donates Kidney to New Jersey Passenger

When Bill Sumiel of NJ needed a new kidney, he found donor Tim Letts in the unlikeliest of places: an Uber ride. We reunited them virtually, for a surprise.

Ayesha + Stephen Curry Are Determined to Get Kids Reading — And This Is How!

With their Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation, Ayesha + Stephen Curry have constructed 150 Little Town Libraries all over the Oakland area to get kids reading.

From Sweats to Sweater Blazer + Silk! Complete Makeover for Cancer Survivor + His Mom

Michael Cramer, just 21, spent the pandemic fighting cancer–and his mom stayed by his side throughout. So, we did what we do best: offered them a makeover!

Meet the Hilarious TikTok Superstar Whose Awkward Videos Have Scored Her 5 Million Followers

TikTok superstar and new mom Elyse Myers first went viral with a video of her son saying mama for the first time—and then she pivoted to comedy.

This Vegetable Garden in a Medical Center Parking Lot Helps to Feed Patients with Food Insecurity

This hospital outside of Philly built a produce garden in their parking lot to help feed patients facing food insecurity—plus, it's used as an educational tool.

Meet the Woman Dedicated to Making LA's Homeless Look + Feel Beautiful

Beauty 2 the Streetz's founder Shirley Raines says, "Your words are so kind, but I think what I do should very well be normalized."

Beauty 2 the Streetz's Shirley Raines Has BIG Plans for the Team's $100K CNN Hero of the Year Grant

The Beauty 2 the Streetz team, giving L.A.'s homeless food and makeovers, was awarded CNN's 2021 Hero of the Year—and they have big plans for that grant.

Coach Rob Mendez, Football Coach Born Without Limbs, Tells His Incredible Story In New Book

The inspirational football Coach Rob Mendez not only has a new book, "Who Says I Can't," but a new foundation, too—and we couldn't wait to support it!

Gretta Monahan Presents the Uncle Who's Been a Father to Her With Adoption Papers (Grab a Tissue!)

Style expert Gretta Monahan was raised by her Uncle Eddie—who she officially makes her dad in an incredibly emotional moment.

Gretta Monahan Asks the Uncle Who Raised Her to Adopt Her in Emotional Moment

Style expert Gretta Monahan was raised by her Uncle Eddie—which is why, this Christmas, she's presenting him with adoption papers.

This Man Mysteriously Received Hundreds of Letters to Santa—And What Happened Next Is Incredible

Jim Glaub received over 400 (!) letters to Santa one year, which is how his yuletide non-profit, Miracle on 22nd Street, began.

Style Expert Gives Bone Cancer Survivor New Looks to Help Her Look AND Feel Amazing

Our friend and lifestyle expert Tommy DiDario is always so good at helping our guests find clothes that make them look—and more importantly feel—amazing.