From Basic to Bacon to Buffalo -- 6 Unique and Different Thanksgiving Gravy Recipes

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired November 18, 2015

Ah, Thanksgiving gravy. It’s something that is so crucial to the meal, yet so intimidating for many people! But there is truly no need to fear! Rachael has a no-fail basic gravy recipe for you, and if you want to get more creative than that, we have five additional unique and flavorful gravy recipes, including one that feature bacon!

No. 1: No-Fail Gravy

Rachael Ray Show

This is your go-to gravy recipe that you’re going to want to print and probably even put on your fridge. This easy recipe can be used on Thanksgiving, or any other time you need gravy to pair with a meal, and you can’t mess it up!

No. 2: Latin Lover Turkey Gravy

Rachael Ray Show

For a South of the Border-inspired turkey topping, try this gravy, which features tequila, lime and ancho chile powder!

No. 3: Buffalo Gravy

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Yup, you read that right. Buffalo sauce IN your gravy! Rach uses turkey stock blended with beer and hot sauce as the base for this gravy.

No. 4: Little Italy Gravy

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If you want to do something different this year, this flavorful Italian-inspired gravy recipe that features garlic, red wine and herbs will really impress your dinner guests.

No. 5: Cranberry-Apple Gravy

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This sweet and sour gravy features apple cider and cranberry juice – delish!

No. 6: Maple Bacon Gravy

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And we saved the best for last – get this – a maple bacon gravy! This recipe features apple cider, bacon and its drippings, and maple syrup! Yum!

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