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Thursday: We’re Throwing a Bottom-of-the-Jar Party: What to Do With the Last Bites Left In Your Pantry!

JULY 17 - JULY 21, 2017

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Priyanka Chopra on Doing Her Own Stunts + Can a Family of Four Stick to Home-Cooking for a Month?

She steams up the screen in the megahit “Quantico” – Priyanka Chopra is here and she’s dishing on what it’s like to do her own stunts! Then, Sunny Anderson is helping out with two dishes that are easy as 1-2-3! And, Rach is challenging one family of four to make home-cooked meals for the entire month! Plus, chicken paillard for dinner!



Bob Harper Shares His Heart Attack Story + How His Near-Death Experience Changed His Life

“The Biggest Loser’s” Bob Harper is sharing his heart attack story and how his near-death experience changed his life. Plus, Bob is hanging with Rachael in the kitchen and they’re cooking up a healthy, lemony pasta!



Morris Chestnut Shows of His Killer Abs + Legendary Chef Jacques Pepin Serves Up a Spicy Chicken Dish

The legendary chef Jacques Pepin is in the kitchen today and he’s making a spicy chicken dish! Then, the super-hot Morris Chestnut is here…and he’s showing Rach how he got his killer abs!



We’re Throwing a Bottom-of-the-Jar Party: What to Do With the Last Bites Left In Your Pantry!

Don’t know what to do with the last of your butter? Don’t have enough ice cream to serve for dessert? It’s our bottom-of-the-jar show, and we’re throwing a party with the last bites of food you have at home! We’re serving up everything from a creamsicle cocktail, chocolate chip cookies and meatball chilaquiles – and Rach is making dinner with the last of your rotisserie chicken!



Kaley Cuoco and Rach Play Life-Size Rock-Paper-Scissors + Sunny Anderson Cooks Up Some Slow Cooker Summer Faves

We’re kicking off today with a bang – “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco is here, and she and Rach get their game on with life-size rock, paper, scissors! Then, “The Kitchen’s” Sunny Anderson cooks up summer favorites in the slow cooker, like al pastor tacos and corn on the cob! Plus, Rachael’s cooking up flank steak with jalapeno-lime salsa verde!