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Thursday: Milo Ventimiglia Dishes On "This Is Us" + Lucy Hale *Doesn't* Plead the Fifth

MAY 21 - MAY 25, 2018

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Sexy Photo Shoot For a New Mom! Plus, Why Does Brendan Fraser Make Ramen Twice a Week?

Emme, the original plus-sized supermodel, helps a new mom get her confidence back with a sexy photo shoot! Plus, Brendan Fraser is dishing on his three sons (is one going to become a chef?!) and his role in the acclaimed series, “Trust.” Plus, Dr. Ian Smith schools us on the dangers of secondhand smoke. And Rach serves up a super-easy steak supper with garlic toast!


Which Celeb Does RuPaul Want to Trade Places With? Plus, Watermelon Sorbet Sammies + Bruleed Ribs!

You won’t believe the celeb RuPaul wants to trade places with! Plus, we’re kicking off Memorial Day Weekend early with three types of ribs -- and one of them is BRULEED. (You heard us!) Then, we’re gearing up for summer with all things watermelon -- including watermelon sorbet sammies. And Rach has a new recipe for Taco Tuesday … Baja Beer Battered Fish Tacos, anyone?!


Do Priyanka Chopra and New Princess Meghan Markle Still Text? Plus, Coffee Tacos?!

Priyanka Chopra is revealing how she and newly royal pal Meghan Markle maintain their friendship. (Does Meghan still text?! Priyanka answers!) Plus, she gives Rach a sneak peek at her new movie, "A Kid Like Jake." Then, ABC “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir picks three famous people he'd invite to dinner AND gives Rach a (literal) sweet surprise! And what is Rach up to in the kitchen? She's serving up Hard Shell Red Eye Tacos with a kick of caffeine!


Milo Ventimiglia Dishes On "This Is Us" + Lucy Hale *Doesn't* Plead the Fifth

Milo Ventimiglia from the megahit "This Is Us" is at the kitchen table with Rach -- and he's answering questions from our audience (can he do more push-ups than his co-star Sterling K. Brown!?) and giving one lucky fan a hug! Then, former "Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy Hale plays our version of "Plead the Fifth," "Hale or Bail!" Plus, ABC's Dan Harris shares his meditation secrets. And don’t forget to save room for Rach's Slow-Cooked Barbacoa Tacos!


Morena Baccarin Spills Everything She Can On "Deadpool 2" + What Is Swedish Death Cleaning?!

If you need organizing inspiration, look no further! Peter Walsh is here, and he’s revealing foolproof decluttering tips from around the world -- including an ingenious double-duty use for your glasses case and a lesson in "Swedish death cleaning." Then, Rach’s hubby John embarks on a fascinating virtual reality adventure! Plus, Morena Baccarin is here with the inside scoop on "Gotham" and "Deadpool 2." And Rach is serving up Sicilian Sunday Braciole!