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Wednesday: How Many Outfits Can You Create with Only 11 Pieces? Plus, Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home + Eggplant-Beef Ragu

JULY 24 - JULY 28, 2017

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Emeril Lagasse Crashes a Cooking Class + How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Imagine if Emeril Lagasse crashed your cooking class?! And how about Chef Richard Blais crashing camping trips and turning cookouts into high cuisine?! It’s an hour full of surprises from your favorite chefs! Plus, we teach you how to cut your grocery bill in half and Rachael's making a brand-new pasta supper – with homemade sausage and cherry tomatoes!


Why is Dr. Phil Working in a Pizza Joint? Plus Destiny’s Child Singer Kelly Rowland’s Advice for New Moms

Did you know Dr. Phil’s first job was at a pizzeria?! Today, we’re sending him back to a NYC pizza joint…where he’s dishing out advice with a slice! Then, Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child has the guide for new moms. And, while Chef Fabio Viviani lets the audience choose what he whips up, Rachael’s making Thai Chicken Tacos!


How Many Outfits Can You Create with Only 11 Pieces? Plus, Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home + Eggplant-Beef Ragu

We’ve got a ton of tips for everything from fashion to home décor and dinner prep! First, it’s a battle of fashionistas as Gretta Monahan and Zanna Roberts Rassi go head-to-head in a design duel – creating as many outfits as they can with just 11 pieces! Then, HGTV’s “Cousins,” throw down easy home improvement ideas in a toolbox tip-off! Plus, Rach makes Rigatoni in a Beef and Eggplant Ragu!


How to Rock Your Best Beach Look At Every Size with Ashley Graham, Clinton’s No-Cook Feast + Candace Cameron Bure

Summer’s coming, and “The Chew” star Clinton Kelly helps you stay cool with a three-course, no-cook feast! Then, former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Ashley Graham shows how to rock your best beach look no matter what your size! Plus, “Fuller House” star Candace Cameron Bure and her daughter, Natasha, are in the house, and Rachael’s making a gluten-free pasta supper!


Bobby Flay Whips Up 1 Dish 3 Ways + 3 Men Get Bathing Suit Makeovers

It’s Ray and Flay Day! Bobby Flay is in the house, and he’s throwing down three mouth-watering recipes! Then, Rach challenges Bobby to a round of “What Am I Touching”…can he guess the identities of three furry animal friends?! Plus, we’re getting three guys ready for the beach with bathing suit makeovers, and Rachael’s making nachos!