JANUARY 15 - JANUARY 19, 2018

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Rach's Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese + Magnetic Slime!

Kids, spend your day off with us -- because we have a "Human Lab: Kids" made just for you! Kiddos are testing products that could help solve some common family dilemmas, like waking up on time and keeping school lunches hot! Then, hold on to your beakers because science guy Kevin Delaney is showing us some super-cool science experiments -- including one with magnetic slime! Plus, our pal Anne Burrell whips up a classic kids’ lunch, and Rach is making Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese!


Binge-Watching Party Bites + You Can CLEAN Cleaning Products?!

Katie Lee from "The Kitchen" is here with delicious bites for your next binge-watching party! (How good do Buffalo Chicken Hoagies sound?!) Plus, Peter Walsh reveals how to clean your cleaning products (yes, really)! Then, what’s the most rebellious thing "NCIS" star Emily Wickersham did in college?! And Rach is cooking up Sweet Onion Burgers!


David Boreanaz Taste-Tests Football Food! Plus, Can 1 Recipe = A Week of Lunches?

Football season means game-day grub, so we sent our YouTube foodie correspondent Daym Drops to the home of the Philadelphia Eagles to try their best grub! And Philly native and star of the new show "SEAL Team" -- David Boreanaz -- gets to play taste-tester at our kitchen counter! Plus, a meal-prep guru shows you how to stretch his Caribbean chicken recipe into FIVE meals! Then Rach has a game-day recipe of her own: Tex-Mex Bowls with Chipotle Dressing!


Would YOU Try Charcoal Lemonade? Plus, “The Post’s” Matthew Rhys on Working with Spielberg!


The BLT of Your Dreams + Are We Swimming with Sharks?! Kind Of!

Our buddy Jeff Mauro is back -- and he’s cooking up the BLT of your dreams! Plus, we’re swimming with the sharks, because Daymond John from "Shark Tank" is revealing the six things successful people do every day. Plus, Jussie and Jake Smollett reveal the cover of their new cookbook and Rach is revealing her latest bolognese recipe!