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Friday: Carla Hall Makes Savory Beignets for Fry-Day + The Southern-Fried Makeover of a Couple Addicted to Camo

MAY 22 - MAY 26, 2017

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Jesse Palmer, Taste-Testing Pizza Cretzels and Spaghetti Donuts + Daym Drops at a Dude Ranch

“GMA” co-host Jesse Palmer is hanging with Rach today! Our YouTube food correspondent Daym Drops pays a visit to a dude ranch…and gives Jesse a lasso lesson! Plus, Katie Lee from “The Kitchen” shows us what happens when you marry a hot dog with a grilled cheese! And, we’re grilling up chipotle tacos!


How to Throw a Party With Your Leftover Food + a Creamsicle Cocktail

Don’t know what to do with the last of your butter? Don’t have enough ice cream to serve for dessert? We’re throwing our first ever bottom-of-the-jar party with the last bites of food you have at home! We’re serving up everything from a creamsicle cocktail, chocolate chip cookies and meatball chilaquiles – and Rachael’s making dinner with the last of your rotisserie chicken!


Jake Smollett’s Spicy Honey Chicken + Everything You Need to Know About Grilling Before Summer

All your grilling questions get answered today! Chef Marc Murphy breaks down the basics of how to set up your grill! “The Chew’s” Carla Hall has a spicy chicken recipe, and Chef Ryan Scott hits the street to help one of our audience members sharpen her grilling skills! Plus, Food Network’s Jake Smollett throws down spicy honey chicken, and Rachael’s making burgers!


Our ‘Pop-Up Video’ Show with Phil Collins + A Groom Gets a Jaw-Dropping Makeover For a Wedding Photo Re-Do

It’s our ‘Pop-Up Video’ show, and we’ve got a music legend in the house today: Phil Collins is here! Then, Chef Anne Burrell shares her rockin’ recipe for porchetta! Plus, we’re giving one couple a wedding re-do…after the groom gets a jaw-dropping makeover! And Rachael’s making turkey carnitas!


Carla Hall Makes Savory Beignets for Fry-Day + The Southern-Fried Makeover of a Couple Addicted to Camo

It’s Fry-Day! “The Chew’s” Carla Hall schools us with a lesson in Frying 101 – and she’s making savory beignets! Plus, Rachael’s making 12-spice fried chicken with a side of ranch cole slaw! And, the amazing Southern-fried makeover of a couple addicted to wearing camo.