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Tuesday: Duff Goldman Fixes Your Worst Baking Mistakes + Ginger Zee from ‘Good Morning America’

MAY 29 - JUNE 2, 2017

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Chef Jacques Pepin, $100 Bathroom & Kitchen Makeovers + 6 Beauty Buys That Cost Under $10 Each

Legendary chef Jacques Pepin is making a meal for four – for under $30! And, we’re joining him on a trip to the grocery store to get his money-and-time-saving tips! Then, we’re saving you even more money with six beauty buys you can snag for under $40 total... including a lipstick that’s just $1! Plus, two viewers show how they pulled off $100 bathroom and kitchen makeovers, and Rachael’s making a Garlicky Bacon Cheeseburger!


Duff Goldman Fixes Your Worst Baking Mistakes + Ginger Zee from ‘Good Morning America’

From frosting fiascos to overbaked brownies, we’re fixing your worst baking mishaps with Duff Goldman! And, Ginger Zee from “Good Morning America” shares the top five things you should pack to prepare for a natural disaster! Plus, Rachael’s making a classic Italian tart!


Stacy London Gives 3 Men Underwear Makeovers + Rach’s Brand-New Chicken Tacos!

We’ve never done man makeovers quite like this before! Three brave men are dropping their drawers and getting an “under-over” from stylist Stacy London! And, a former CIA agent reveals four escape moves that can help you get away from a criminal! Plus, Rachael’s making chicken tacos with guacamole!


We’re Buying a Week’s Worth of Groceries for Just 50 Bucks -- With ‘Top Chef’ Richard Blais Making the Menu!

Think it’s too expensive to diet with fresh ingredients? Dr. Ian Smith teaches one of our viewers how to shop healthy on a budget, and Richard Blais is making a week’s worth of meals for 50 bucks! Plus, the gorgeous Mireille Enos gets a lesson in make-your-own-takeout from Rach!


Use Up Your Leftovers With a Full Hour of Bottom-of-the-Jar Tips

It’s an hour of “bottom of the jar” tips! Rachael’s making a spicy glaze for chicken, pork or fish with the last of your preserves, and her husband John is mixing up a cocktail with a bit of bourbon! Then, John Gidding reveals brilliant ways to maximize home décor products – like making coasters out of leftover tile! Plus, “Blindspot” star Sullivan Stapleton does a blind taste test with foods you have to taste to believe! And Rachael’s making a Greek Frittata Pizza!