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Thursday: Oprah Reveals Her Biggest Pet Peeve + Cooks Up a Healthy Recipe

JUNE 26 - JUNE 30, 2017

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Dr. Drew Answers Embarrassing Sex Questions + A Woman Who’s Never Worn Makeup Gets a Makeover

It’s our “Never Have I Ever...” show! “Top Chef” Ryan Scott is helping a mom who’s never thrown a dinner party! Then, things get saucy with Dr. Drew answering “Never Have I Ever” sex questions! Plus, a makeover for one woman wearing makeup for the first time, and Rachael’s making Penne with a Crispy Prosciutto topping!


The Stars of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ + Can You Lose 20 Pounds in Only 5 Weeks?

The ladies of “Pretty Little Liars” are here – and they’re getting their game on with a hilarious jelly bean taste-test! Then, can you lose 20 pounds in just five weeks?! Dr. Ian’s got all the tips and tricks! Plus, Rachael’s getting her grill on with a garlicky chicken dinner!


Behind the Scenes of Hilary Duff’s TV Show + Inside Carla Hall’s Kitchen

We’re getting a closer look at the places our favorite chefs and stars call home – from behind the scenes of ‘Younger’ with Hilary Duff, to Carla Hall’s restaurant in NYC! And, we’re going inside the home kitchen of “Biggest Loser” chef Devin Alexander! Plus, Rachael’s making pork chops!


Oprah Reveals Her Biggest Pet Peeve + Cooks Up a Healthy Recipe

We have one word for you today: Oprah! The television icon is in the kitchen, sharing a healthy recipe from her new cookbook, “Food, Health, and Happiness!” Plus, our audience is putting her “On the Spot” with rapid-fire questions… like what is Oprah’s biggest pet peeve?! And, Rachael’s cooking up a classic: Chicken Noodle Soup!


We’re Throwing a Block Party with Chrissy Teigen + A Backyard Decor Tip-Off

Kick off the holiday weekend at our Block Party! We’ve got the life of the party, Chrissy Teigen, in the kitchen shaking up a cocktail! Plus, John Gidding and Genevieve Gorder go head-to-head in a backyard décor tip-off, and Billy Crudup from “Alien: Covenant” gives us behind-the-scenes scoop on his summer blockbuster! And, Rachael’s making chicken and slaw sammies!