Leftover Coffee Recipe Ideas

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Leftover coffee? Rachael has 4 recipe ideas for using up leftover brewed coffee so it doesn't go to waste.

Red-Eye Chili

You can use coffee as a secret added ingredient in your chili to give it a little zip — a.k.a. Red-Eye Chili. "It really brings out the flavor of the beans, surprisingly. It really bumps up the earthiness of the chili," Rach says. "So in a vegetarian chili especially, I think that would be a really tasty idea."

Red-Eye Gravy

Or, make Red-Eye Gravy, a traditional favorite in the South. "It's red-eye gravy because it perks you up a little bit," Rach says.


Perhaps Rach's favorite way to use up leftover coffee? Tiramisu!

Coffee Ice Cubes

Love iced coffee but hate how it tastes watered down once the ice starts to melt? Pour your leftover brewed coffee into an ice cube tray, then use your coffee ice cubes the next time you make iced coffee, Rach suggests. Genius!

Bonus Leftover Idea

She also shares a great trick in response to a viewer who's wondering what to do with leftover spaghetti: Fry it up with eggs the next morning for a Carbonara Frittata!

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