3 Easy Alternatives to Traditional Cranberry Sauce

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Cranberry sauce is a tried-and-true side dish for Thanksgiving dinner, but it might be time to explore some alternatives. Rachael recently spoke with a viewer who said she was looking to switch things up.

Q: Every year, I serve cranberry sauce and I hate it! Are there any alternatives?

Rach suggested:


Think outside the box by serving up a chutney, a spicy fruit-based condiment often served in Indian cuisine. Rach recommends preparing a mango chutney (you could even try a Pineapple Chutney or this Chunky Apple and Onion Chutney) as a departure from the traditional cranberry sauce.


You’ll likely be serving gravy with your turkey, so why not jazz it up with different flavors? Rach suggests getting spicy with a Latin Lover Turkey Gravy, but you can surely take your gravy in any direction. We're also loving this Buffalo Gravy.


Depending on your spicing (garlic, herbs, etc.), consider preparing a red sauce to go with your turkey. You could also go the route of cooking a turkey meatloaf that would go great with that same red sauce.

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