Can This Product Remove Pet Hair From Clothes In The Wash?

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Supermodel and fashion designer Emme has a problem: cat hair! As a New Yorker who often wears black and who goes on a lot of fashion appointments, Emme says she cannot get rid of the cat hair on her clothes. 

She uses a roller, tape and of course puts her clothes in the laundry, but none of these strategies are entirely effective at removing evidence of her furry friend. As anyone who deals with pet hair regularly knows—it can really get embedded in the fibers of your clothing.

"Even when you wash it, there's a little bit that hangs out," she says. "It's terrible. Nothing seems to work."

Emme was excited to try out a product that claims to remove all the pet hair from clothes while they're in the wash.

Problem: Pet hair on clothing, even after washing

Product: FurZapper

Claims to remove pet hair from clothes while in the wash.

Get Emme's review of the product in the video above.

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