Does This Stain-Resistant Shirt Actually Work?

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Playing Stain Shield Shirt by Chico's: Watch Us Pour Red Wine On It To See If It Works

Like many busy working moms, lifestyle and fashion expert Amy E. Goodman says she's always on-the-go — and is constantly dealing with spills and stains.

When she's away from home and can't treat a stain right away, there's not much she can do. Unfortunately, a stained shirt is a big no for anyone, but especially for a fashion expert.

"I love red wine, but I prefer not to wear it," Amy says.

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The lifestyle expert says she's open-minded and will try pretty much anything that might help. So, she's testing out a shirt that claims to repel stains.

Problem: Food and drink stains on clothing

Product: Stain Shield Shirt by Chico's

Claims to repel water-based and oil-based stains like red wine, coffee and salad dressing.

Find out how the shirt fared when Amy tested out various spills in the video above!

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