A Travel Garment Steamer That Only Takes 2 Minutes? We Tried It

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Playing Easy Steam Garment Steamer by CHI for Traveling: Wrinkle-Free Clothing In Just 2 Minutes?

Sometimes it feels like no matter how well you pack your clothes, when you open up your suitcase they're completely wrinkled. And if you travel a ton, like grooming expert Kyan Douglas, this can become a pretty big pain.

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"Sometimes I'm off a plane, I'm immediately in the studio and I have to go to work and deal with clothes that are wrinkled," he says. "If there was a product that I could use that would steam my clothes quickly, it would be perfect for me."

Kyan tested out a garment steamer that claims to get out wrinkles in just two minutes.

Problem: Wrinkled clothing while traveling

Product: Easy Steam Garment Steamer by CHI

Claims to steam a lightweight blouse or garment in two minutes.

Watch the video above to see whether the product worked for Kyan.

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