Rach Shares Her Go-To Skin-Perfecting "Blur" Stick (Plus More Product Picks From Show Producers)

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Playing Rach + 3 Show Producers Share Their Food, Beauty & Style Obsessions

We're obsessed — literally!

Rachael and three members of our show's staff are sharing their current obsessions, from beauty to food. So, whether you're searching for something to give you that great glow for summer, you're in the market for a condiment that will *spice* up your life or you're looking for anything in between — this list has got you covered.

Get all the info below, and check out the video above to hear more about why Rach and her team swear by these items.

Rach's Go-To: Milk Makeup

Outside of the studio, Rach says she doesn't usually wear makeup — but what she does wear are Milk products.

"It's makeup for people who don't want to wear makeup," she says of the line.

Rach's favorite Milk product is their Blur Stick. "You can't even tell when I'm rubbing it on that I have makeup on — it just makes everything a little more even," she says. "It makes a lot of the scars and imperfections disappear — it blurs it."

Another Milk product Rach loves? The Lip + Cheek! It's a two-in-one stick that doubles as a blush and lip tint.

"Really that's all you need — you have a little flush, you've blurred out the rest, and as long as you wear a pretty smile you're good to go," Rach says. "These are my favorite!"

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Mike's Hot Honey

Senior Culinary Producer Jeanette Donnarumma says her latest obsession is Mike's Hot Honey, a chili pepper-infused honey.

"I actually got turned onto it from Rachael," Jeanette says. "She has been using hot honey on the show for a few years now."

Jeanette says Rach normally serves hot honey with fried chicken. Another suggestion? Jeanette says to try drizzling it on pepperoni pizza, an idea she got from a restaurant in her town.

It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask Deep Conditioner

Brittany, a producer on our show, says she's obsessed with this Miracle Hair Mask from It's a 10.

"This is a really great deep conditioner," she says. "It does 10 different things ... I have brand new hair when it's all said and done."


Rebecca, a producer on our show, says that right now she's obsessing over the Bagnet.

"The Bagnet is a super strong magnet that you clip onto your purse, and you can hook it onto anything that is metal," she says.

You can use Bagnet to keep your belongings off the floor in public restrooms, fitting rooms, bars, restaurants — pretty much anywhere you can find a magnetic surface!

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