John's Valentine's Day Cocktail: A Sidecar With Champagne

For Valentine's Day, John adds Champagne to the classic sidecar cocktail, making it an even tastier sidecar "royale."

A Whiskey Ginger Plus Beer = A Match Made in Cocktail Heaven

Party and lifestyle expert Mary Giuliani marries whiskey, ginger ale + beer in this festive cocktail.

How to Make John Cusimano's Pickled Me Up Cocktail (a Michelada Made With Pickle Juice)

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Tequila-Spiked Coffee Cocktail With Whipped Cream

Coffee-flavored liqueur + tequila give this Mexican coffee an extra kick, while the cream, sugar + cinnamon make it a real treat.

How to Make a Sicilian Negroni | John Cusimano

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John Uses Marsala to Put a Sicilian Twist on the Negroni

John shares a Sicilian spin on the classic Negroni, subbing Marsala for red vermouth.

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John Gives The Negroni a Fruity Twist

Strawberry-infused gin gives the Negroni—a classic Italian cocktail—a fruity sweetness + aroma.

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How to Make a Blood Orange Mimosa | Holiday Brunch: John Cusimano

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Holiday Brunch Cocktail: Blood Orange Mimosa

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Italian Rainbow Cookies in Cocktail Form

John shares his Rach-approved almond-flavored cocktail that tastes just like Italian rainbow cookies!

How to Make John’s Mambo Italiano Cocktail Inspired by Italian Rainbow Cookies | John Cusimano

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