The Top 10 Recipes of June 2020

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Playing How To Make Greek Sheet Pan Chicken By Rachael

Happy summer, everyone! Sun's out, grill's out — right? 

And you weren't only making chicken on the grill (did you know it's Rach's favorite way to make Whisky Wings?) — you also loved Rach's Grilled Feta Cheese as much as we thought you would. 

And yes, last year's No. 1 summer favorite, Mexican Street Corn, is back. (No. 7 isn't so bad!)

1. Greek Sheet Pan Chicken

Greek chicken
Rachael Ray Show

A lined sheet pan makes clean-up a cinch for this yummy Greek chicken meal, complete with fresh tzatziki + charred pita for dipping & wrapping. Watch Rach make it in the video above!

2. Beer Can Chickens

Beer Can Chicken

A spice rub + actual cans of beer double-up to give Rach's grilled chickens the hallmark flavors of this fun & easy technique.

3. Grilled Lamb or Chicken Kebabs

lamb or chicken kebabs
Rachael Ray Show

The secret to Rach's easy lamb or chicken kebabs? A Greek-inspired marinade of yogurt, lemon, garlic and fresh herbs.

4. Whisky Wings On The Grill

Whisky Wings On The Grill
Rachael Ray Show

Making whisky wings on the grill is Rach & John's favorite way to cook them at home.

5. Sticky Asian Chicken With Rice

Sticky Asian Chicken With Rice
Rachael Ray Show

Rach's Sticky Asian Chicken is glazed with a sweet, garlic-ginger sauce & served over a veggie-packed green rice.

6. Grilled Feta Cheese

grilled feta cheese
Rachael Ray Show

Bricks of feta get spiced up and drizzled with EVOO before being thrown onto the grill for a crisp and creamy cheese spread.

7. Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Street Corn
Rachael Ray Show

Summer favorite alert! This easy Mexican Street Corn recipe uses a tasty combination of mayonnaise, cotija cheese and lime juice.

8. Pork Steaks With an Easy Marinade Glaze

pork steaks
Rachael Ray Show

You only need five ingredients for this pork steak recipe. So easy, and they cook up deliciously tender thanks to a soy-honey marinade that doubles as a glaze.

9. One-Pan Seafood Bake

seafood bake
Rachael Ray Show

"If you like cioppino, you'll love this," Rach says about this easy one-pan seafood bake with garlic bread.

10. Chicken Stroganoff

chicken stroganoff
Rachael Ray Show

A creamy combo of chicken + mushrooms are served over egg noodles and topped with herbs in Rach's fresh take on Chicken Stroganoff.

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