5 Over-The-Top Hot Dog Recipes For The Ultimate Tailgate

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After crashing a Los Angeles Rams tailgate and cooking with some awesome fans, our resident "Top Chef" Richard Blais was all fired up to share his game-day hot dog recipes.

As always, Blais went above and beyond with his creations, hitting us with out-of-this-world dishes like hot dog chili, spiralized cheese dogs, and a version of the Hawaiian dish Musubi with, you guessed it, hot dogs!

You’ll definitely want to keep these recipes in your back pocket for your next tailgate or viewing party.

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1. Mexican Corn Dogs

Mexican Corn Dogs
Rachael Ray Show

This tasty mashup features a traditional corn dog (Blais uses creamed corn in the batter—genius!) topped with mayo, chopped cilantro, and cotija cheese. For a spicy-tangy kick, he finishes it with Mexican chili spice and a drizzle of lime juice. “Acidity brings out flavor,” he says. Yum-o!

GET THE RECIPE: Mexican Corn Dogs

2. Hot Dog Musubi

Richard Blais' Hot Dog Musubi
Rachael Ray Show

Inspired by one of his favorite Hawaiian dishes, SPAM musubi (grilled SPAM and rice wrapped in seaweed), Blais subs in hot dog for the SPAM. The crispy split dogs are layered over a block of sushi rice, with a little Japanese mayo, then topped with sweet-and-savory eel sauce and wrapped in seaweed. “It’s like a Japanese pig in a blanket!” quipped Rach.

GET THE RECIPE: Hot Dog Musubi

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3. Hot Dog Chili

Hot Dog Chili
Rachael Ray Show

Instead of the usual ground beef or turkey, Blais pulses hot dogs in the food processor and uses them as the protein in his chili. He combines the ground dogs with a hearty combination of peppers, chile, onion, beans, garlic and corn—and get this, instead of stock, he gets flavor from hot dog boiling water. Talk about innovation! He even chops up hot dog buns, toasts them into croutons, and uses them as a garnish. Sour cream, cheese, cilantro, and sweet pickle relish round out this crowd-pleaser.


4. West Coast Hot Dog Breakfast Burrito

Richard Blais' West Coast Hot Dog Burrito
Rachael Ray Show

For early afternoon games, tailgates start early, and we mean EARLY, like 6 am! So, Blais wanted to give us some breakfast fare—in the form of a burrito filled with scrambled eggs, hot dog and whatever other toppings you like.

In honor of the Rams, who hail from LA, he added avocado and French fries in there, then drizzled on red and green salsas. Wrapping the burrito in the foil is great, says Blais, because it sets the shape and is ready to go when hungry guests arrive!

GET THE RECIPE: West Coast Hot Dog Breakfast Burrito

5. Hot Dog Spirals

Hot Dog Spirals
Rachael Ray Show

Blais skewers and cuts spirals into hot dogs (you get double the length, he says!), grills ‘em up ‘til crisp, then covers them with gooey, creamy melted cheese. Pop it in a bun, and you’ve got the perfect spiraled cheese dog!

GET THE RECIPE: Hot Dog Spirals

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